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Home of "The Adventures of Tandy The Teddy"

A series of stories told by a little brown Teddy bear that lives in a school classroom. Every Friday, Mrs. Macy, the teacher, picks one student to take Tandy home for the weekend. The stories are the adventures the children share with Tandy during their time together.

Tandy The Teddy - Goes CampingTandy The Teddy - Birthday PartyTandy The Teddy - Visits The FirehouseTandy Loves Hallween
Tandy Loves Christmas
Tandy Goes To The AquariumTandy Goes To The Aquarium Coloring Book

Mrs. Schwartz is available for readings to classrooms or libraries. Suggested ages: K through 3rd grades. Please fell free to contact Mrs. Schwartz directly by filling in the form on our Contact Us page.

Visit Tandy The Teddy's website: www.theadventuresoftandytheteddy.com


Romantic Murder Mysteries

Murder in Monterey
by Arlene Grace

Murder In MontereyAn intriguing and masterfully told story of present day intertwined with events from the past, that take place on California's beautiful Monterey Peninsula.

The sale of an old Monterey mansion, brings charming CIA agent Armando Shear into town to investigate a murder and espionage. He meets the stunning real estate office owner, Abbey Rite and is immediately taken by her beauty and charm.

While the murder investigation reveals a man who has spent a life time as a Spy betraying his country, Armando and Abbey set off in a sultry and passionate affair filled with burning desire and explosive love making that will keep readers turning those pages.  

Victoria's Peach Pie RecipeClick to download Victoria's Peach Pie Recipe

Murder in Carmel
by Arlene Grace

Murder In CarmelA coveted invitation to participate in the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance brings the wealthy Italian lover of local resident Victoria Rite to Carmel by the Sea. In the midst of their torrid Love affair, a murder in a Carmel Art Gallery owned by Carlota Dominquez, shocks the small town residents and visitors alike.

The murder threatens to sabotage Carlota’s plans to sell a black market painting that would help solve her financial ruin. But her brow beaten brother Gustavo has other plans…

When the murder investigation leads local police, FBI and CIA to a dead end investigation, Gustavo make his bold move to betray the remorseless sister who has belittled him his entire lifetime.



Murder in Pebble Beach
by Arlene Grace

Murder in Pebble BeachTaking place in the idealistic, small, and wealthy community of Pebble Beach located on the Central Coast of California. After a major earthquake hits the coast off of Pebble Beach California, prominent Dentist Dr. Bob Reed is reported missing shortly after sharing an incredible secret with his brother. Suspecting foul play, his identical twin Bill, comes into town and tries to unravel what may have happened to him.

Encumbered with the impending sale of their old family mansion, their REALTOR Abbey Rite, has no clue as to any of the old family mansions undisclosed secrets. Secrets which intertwine with long forgotten tales of an old ship wreck and sunken treasure, slowly unravels taking you for a historical ride from beginning to end.

The story also continues with the main character Abbey Rite, and her search for romance. Simply a must read for California lovers. Especially those who love California history, and the Monterey Peninsula.


An Affair and a Promise
by Arlene Grace

An Affair and a PromiseCurl up on your favorite chair with a glass of wine and a box of tissues. This sweet old fashioned romance will tug at your heart strings and leave you fanning yourself at the same time. Julie Turner was always a focused and accomplished young woman. Graduating with honors from USC and finishing law school early, it seemed her life was set according to plans. She had married her high school sweetheart and scored a job in a high profile law practice on Coronado Island.

What more could a girl want? But having had her nose in books for so long, she had no idea what else was out there. And she didn’t realize that the Marines would change her husband into an abrasive, un- attentive person who used her only for his own pleasure. Then, a chance meeting with a young handsome writer hired by the senior partner in her law firm, brought her to the realization that she had never really experienced life…or real love for that matter.

Alex Heart showed Julie what real love was. With his stunning looks and his sexy smiles, he soon won her heart. His gentle touch and his passionate kisses led her to a height of pleasure she had never known existed. But when Julie’s husband is sent home from the Middle East, injured and mentally unstable, her sense of obligation forces her to cut ties with Alex. But not before they make a promise. A plan to reunite twenty years in the future.

The Peter Pan Princess
by Cehly Schwartz

The Peter Pan PrincessMimi Bennis was a happy girl living a sheltered life of privilege in 1950-1960'a Cuba. But her life was quickly turned upside down when Castro's regime comes calling and ceases her family's Tobacco Plantation. In order to protect her from the impending danger, her grandparents make arrangements to put her on one of the "Peter Pan" flights to Miami.

Before she realized what was happening, the life she once knew had disappeared. She finds herself living in a group camp in Hialeah, Florida, without any survival skills and unable to take care of herself.

Shunned by her American father, she's left alone in a new country without family and without a friend.



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